Relationship Counseling

A healthy relationship is one in which there is trust, respect, good communication and mindfulness. If you feel that your relationship with any loved one lacks this whether it be anybody in your family then you should definitely seek counseling.

Why Do You Need Healthy Relationships ?

Humans are social by nature and healthy relationships are as essential to our survival as food and water. It is only in healthy relationships that we feel happy, secure and can nurture ourselves. If there are problems in any type of relationship then:

  • Stress kicks in
  • Physical health is affected
  • Low self-esteem develops
  • Various kinds of psychological disorders can also get triggered such as depression

In a healthy relationship, people generally enjoy a sense of freedom where you are not afraid to voice your opinions or show your true reactions.

Common Types of Relationship Issues

  • Any kind of Betrayals
  • Extra Marital Affairs
  • Separation
  • Family issues
  • In ability to accept or relate to each other’s cultural beliefs in cases where partners belong to different backgrounds
  • Egoist behavioral
  • Opinions mismatch
  • Sexual dissatisfaction

How Can Life Mantra Help?

Our holistic counseling approach ensures that all perspectives are put out on the table. In a non-judgmental way, we will become your neutral platform and will facilitate the opening of a healthy communication channel between the concerned persons. This allows our clients to gain a deeper and more complete understanding of their issues which makes them to empathize with one another.

We use the appropriate psychological interventions and therapeutic techniques to strengthen the love and bond so that they go on to live together in harmony and security. This automatically results in a significant improvement in the quality of life.

Do not wallow in misery any longer. If you feel that you have lost the charm in your relationship and wish it back then do give us a call now at +91 99582 90510 or write to us at