Past Life Regression Therapy

This therapy is often looked at with skepticism by many people. The fact is that it works for the simple reason that we as therapists get access to what your sub conscious mind reveals to us through this therapy. The subconscious mind is the seat of all our emotions whether they are our beliefs, our habits, fears and a whole lot of other things that influence the way we perceive and live our lives.

Human beings are much more than just what they are in their present lives. So, experience the past life regression therapy to fully understand its healing powers.

Common Signs of a Past Life Problem

The following have been cured many times quite successfully with past life regression therapy as these have been known to have a deep connection to our subconscious mind where our past lives memories exist:

  • Nightmares
  • Obsessions
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Feeling of constant tiredness
  • Any unexplained chronic pain or discomfort
  • Multiple personalities

Key Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy

You do not have to believe in any particular religion to derive the huge benefit if this therapy! With this therapy you can:

  • Realize your true self
  • Unleash your inner potential
  • Get rid of all your false beliefs
  • Get rid of fear
  • Cure all negative and repetitive patterns of behavior and much more….

Why Choose Life Mantra?

Life Mantra believes in holistic healing that comprises the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of every person and that is why our past life regression therapy has empowered numerous clients to recognize their true self and overcome all kinds of physical, emotional barriers that may be stopping them from reaching their life goals.

We use hypnotherapy as means to access your past life memories for your healing goals.

Past life regression is serious work and our experience in it ensures that you are in safe hands!

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