Meditation Classes

Liberate your mind through the power of meditation! Whether you are a beginner or already seasoned in the techniques of meditation; we have a class for all!

Why Meditate?

Meditation frees up the mind of all the clutter built up as a result of our modern lifestyle. Stress is the most familiar term in modern times. The ill effects of stress on the body and the mind are also equally well known and meditation has proved many times to be the best technique for its elimination.

There are many researches going on in the world to provide proof of health benefits as a result of meditation. MRIs have shown definite signs of heightened activity in the brain of meditating people. These areas showing increased activity control metabolism and heart rate.

Key Benefits of Meditation:

  • Stabilizes blood pressure levels
  • Lessens anxiety
  • Releases stress
  • Brings relaxation and an overall sense of well being

Our Classes

Our deep knowledge of the physical and psychological benefits of meditation have led us to design the most exclusive classes for beginners and experienced. For beginners we start with basic exercises and then proceed towards more advanced techniques.

For the more experienced ones we further hone their skills so that they can derive the true benefits out of meditation.

What Happens after the Class?

Once, our clients have learnt the meditation technique, they are encouraged to make it a part of their daily lives for keeping stress at bay.

Once our clients have learnt, we can make it an integrated part of our counseling sessions in order to release all the pent up negative feelings to bring about the most calming effect and to reach closer to the goals set at the beginning of the counseling sessions.

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