Family Counseling

A family is a group of people you can rely on at all times but when you start feeling insecure of the very same environment that was supposed to be your heaven; then you should definitely seek help to rectify the situation!

When Does Family Counseling Become Important?

The most common situations that cause havoc in family life are:

  • Separation or divorce
  • Financial crisis
  • Children leaving home
  • Addition of a step family
  • Problems with teenage behavior or education
  • Family Violence
Possibilities of not seeking timely intervention by a trained therapist will result in:
  • Further straining of relationships
  • There might even be a total breakup of the family structure

How Can Life Mantra Help?

We will as a result of our experience with family counseling provide a supportive environment where:
  • The present problem can be understood clearly
  • We will hear out different perspectives of each member
  • We will become a neutral and non-judgmental platform for each member to voice their opinion
  • Understand the dynamics within the family
Then, appropriate psychotherapeutic interventions will be used to promote greater understanding, strengthen bonds, facilitate the creation of better ways to communicate and have each other’s opinion understood.

We do not judge or give out advice but will simply facilitate you and your family to come closer with special techniques and psychological tools.

Let Life Mantra be your guide to a happier and positive tomorrow where relationships are based on love, trust and understanding.

If you feel that you cannot communicate the way you used to with parents, spouse or children; or if you feel like avoiding your home because you cannot stand to spend time with your family then it is time to call us for a heart to heart chat so that normalcy can be restored. Our number is +91 99582 90510 and our email address is