Depression Counseling

We can revive the zest for life that you or your loved one seems to have lost, through counseling services that are unique and strictly confidential.

Have you or anyone you know been feeling just a little too sad or feeling a sense of helplessness recently or even finding getting out of bed a difficult task? Are you eating too much or too little? Is there no satisfaction or joy in doing things that you just loved to do? Have you begun to snap angrily at people at just about everything? Then, do not ignore these signs. It could be depression!

What is Depression?

According to WHO every thirteenth person in India has the chance of going into an episode of depression once in his or lifetime!

Depression is a very serious mental illness and is often underestimated in India. Its symptoms commonly are as mentioned above. Depressed people also often have suicidal thoughts. At times depression manifests itself into chronic pains or digestive problems that just don’t seem to go with any kind of medication.

Depression can lead to:

  • Suicide
  • Reckless behavior
  • Self-injury
  • Relationship problems
  • Inability to work resulting in poor performance in all spheres of life

Why Life Mantra?

Depression is Curable!

We offer one on one counseling session to unravel the causes of depression.

Our expertise and experience in CBT or cognitive behavior therapy allows the client to understand and recognize the underlying cause and helps eliminate any negative thinking pattern.

If the situation may require then couples counseling or group counseling is also undertaken to get to the heart of the issue.

If you are already on medication then too, you will find that counseling opens up a whole new world and perspective that you had never thought of.

Our approach to depression counseling is multifaceted and we focus completely on the uniqueness of our clients’ problems to design the treatment path for them.

Seek help before it’s too late. If you or anyone you know exhibit any of the signs mentioned above for even more than a week or two, call us at +91 99582 90510 or email us at