Corporate Stress Counseling

Stress at the workplace is garnering significant interest from all sections of the society. The APA is convening an international conference in 2015 on the relation between work, stress and health. The implications on health are huge. According to the research done by psychologist Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, PhD, and immunologist Ronald Glaser, PhD, it was found as early as the 1980s that stress weakens the immune system!

According to 2013 Work Stress Survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 8 out of 10 employed Americans are stressed on their job.

What is Corporate Stress ?
According to WHO, work stress is the response that people have when faced with work demands that do not match their knowledge, abilities or their coping skills. Work stress in today’s environment is unavoidable considering the huge competitive scenario and economic conditions that are forcing organizations to cut costs.

Consequences of Corporate Stress

Both individuals as well as organizations suffer.
Individual level:

  • Psychological health problems (anger, PTSD, depression anxiety etc.)
  • Physical health problems (hypertension, hormonal disorder or cardiovascular diseases)
  • Lifestyle impacts (poor sleep patterns, eating habits, relationship problems, addiction)

Organizational level:
  • Employees dissatisfaction resulting in low morale and motivations that in turn affects productivity
  • Greater absences from work
  • Behavioral impairment may result in work injuries or even substance abuse at the workplace

What Can Life Mantra Do?
We provide corporate stress management with a difference. We know full well that mere tips and advice are not enough to improve the well being of your employees.
Our techniques include a thorough assessment of:
  • Work environment
  • Workload
  • Management style
  • Work relationships
  • Non-work stressors
Then we use specialized and interactive tool that engage the employees and the employers to actively take part and utilize the stress management techniques.
If you wish to increase employee satisfaction, productivity and are interested in the well being of your employees then, give us a call at +91 99582 90510 or email us at and we will be happy to provide a tailor made package for you.