About LifeMantra

Life Mantra is a unit of Life Mantra Mental Health Pvt. Ltd. Our key purpose is to help develop self-awareness among people so they may understand better, the relationship between mind and body. This realization will lead to the creation and evolution of a state of mind within you, for spending a happy and stress free life. Our team of professionals has at its core, Dr. Navin Kumar (Ph.D. Sociology, PGDM Mental Health Counselling & Rehabilitation) who possesses more than 15 years of experience in Mental & Spiritual Health and is a renowned Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT)specialist, and motivational speaker. In various forums, we have been recognized for our work, across the country. The guiding principle at Life Mantra is to be a values-driven organization that is technology aware and which consistently provides sustainable solutions to clients.

How may we help?
We follow a systematic approach for understanding and solving the mental issues, which nowadays have assumed proportions of a hidden epidemic, across various demographics such as Students or the Workforce. Observing through insight and perception, we quickly identify negative or self-destructive tendencies. Through experience and empathy, we achieve wonderful results and help establish valuable life skills. Life Mantra is an organization of Mental Health Counselling. We blend old world tradition with modern day analytics. Our proven meditation techniques, behavior talk therapy, dynamic counselling and other techniques guarantees transformations in people's lives. We are mentored by renowned Mental Health and Spiritual Counsellor Dr. Navin Kumar, a post-Doctoral research scholar, who has almost fifteen years’ experience in the field. Life Mantra works with several corporate firms, colleges, institutions, agencies and NGOs in transforming their issues related to addiction, day to day stress, students stress, anxiety, child behavior, relationship, fear, depression, past life regression etc. Life Mantra is committed towards giving the right techniques that will help you understand and explore yourself, leading towards an easier living with joy. Our slogan of “Creating the Bliss” is all about knowing and developing the inner joy by which you will be able to create positive happenings within and around your life.

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