About LifeMantra

Life Mantra is a unit of Life Mantra Mental Health Pvt. Ltd. Our key purpose is to help develop self-awareness among people so they may understand better, the relationship between mind and body. This realization will lead to the creation and evolution of a state of mind within you, for spending a happy and stress free life. Our team of professionals has at its core, Dr. Navin Kumar (Ph.D. Sociology, PGDM Mental Health Counselling & Rehabilitation) who possesses more than 15 years of experience in Mental & Spiritual Health and is a renowned Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) specialist, and motivational speaker. In various forums, we have been recognized for our work, across the country. The guiding principle at Life Mantra is to be a values-driven organization that is technology aware and which consistently provides sustainable solutions to clients.

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Our Services

BEHAVIOUR Counseling

Our behavior is responsible for our success in various spheres of life whether it is within personal or work relationships. The external behavior or the behavior that we express is responsible for forming
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Child Mental Counseling

Every parent wants the best for their child and does whatever it takes to ensure a happy childhood. However, it is very easy for even the most caring and alert parent to miss signs of mental illness.
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CORPORATE Stress Counseling

Stress at the workplace is garnering significant interest from all sections of the society. The APA is convening an international conference in 2015 on the relation between work, stress and health.
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We can revive the zest for life that you or your loved one seems to have lost, through counseling services that are unique and strictly confidential.
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FAMILY Counseling

A family is a group of people you can rely on at all times but when you start feeling insecure of the very same environment that was supposed to be your heaven; then you should definitely seek help to rectify the
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FEAR Counseling

Are you afraid of a certain thing, or a person or a place or a situation that makes you incapable of rational thought? If there is even a trace of such fear in you then you should seek counseling for the simple
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Liberate your mind through the power of meditation! Whether you are a beginner or already seasoned in the techniques of meditation; we have a class for all!
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Past Life Regression THERAPY

This therapy is often looked at with skepticism by many people. The fact is that it works for the simple reason that we as therapists get access to what your sub conscious mind reveals to us through this therapy.
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A healthy relationship is one in which there is trust, respect, good communication and mindfulness. If you feel that your relationship with any loved one lacks
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What Client’s Say

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